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About Us

Our Focus

In a generally stoic industry, our professionals believe in adaptation. We understand and obey the norms of yesteryear while continuously incorporating the technological advantages of today. Basically, we use whatever tools are available, both new and old, to meet your needs. And it's that goal, meeting your needs, that drives us toward creating and fortifying a strategic partnership. By keeping a line of communication open, Cindrich, Mahalak & Co. is able to serve our clients as an expert auditing firm, but more importantly, an all-inclusive, knowledgeable resource.

Our Commitment

Let's just say we're in it for the long haul. Through the good, the better and the best, Cindrich, Mahalak & Co. is there and will continue to be there. And that goes for every one of the professionals on our team. Because they are working in the exact occupation they desire, the employee turnover rate at Cindrich, Mahalak & Co. is below industry standards, meaning no time or money is wasted in constant retraining. We are truly committed to your well-being and we prove it every day. Whether on the road or on the phone, from the support team and the clerical staff to the principals of the company, we are always available.

Proper Support is Important

The three most important words in any kind of business... Communication, Communication, Communication. In our offices we take that idea very seriously. We don't want you to feel you're just a part of the loop, we want you in the loop. Therefore, we take the time, every day, to keep you informed. With the help of a quarterly newsletter, broadcast faxing capabilities, periodic bulletins and an extensive Internet presence, Cindrich, Mahalak & Co. is doing everything possible to keep our clients informed. On top of it all, phone time is gratis, and we actually encourage our clients to call.

Behind the Spectacles
The way we roll up our sleeves and get to work doesn't really tell the whole story. Of course we have the utmost pride in completing a job perfectly the first time, but, we also believe that hard work deserves its rewards. This is why we've been mastering even the subtleties of our industry since 1971. With more than a quarter century under our belts, Cindrich, Mahalak & Co., the second largest credit union auditing firm in the nation, is able to guarantee our clients the integrity they deserve and the efficiency they demand. And after a job well done, we're not opposed to rolling up our sleeves for a different reason... Golf, for instance.

It's All About You
As specialists in the credit union industry, our clients are, simply, credit unions. At least, that's probably how the outside world perceives them. However, from the inside, we see things quite differently.

In our minds, no two credit unions are alike. Ranging from $1 million to $1 billion in assets, our nearly 200 clients provide us with a fresh set of challenges every day. How do we keep up? By staying innovative, intuitive and altogether informed, Cindrich, Mahalak & Co. has successfully nurtured long-term relationships with each one of our clients

Audits It's What We Do
As mandated by regulatory agencies, credit unions must be audited annually to assure compliance with regulations and to satisfy the readers of financial statements that the facts contained within are a fair representation of the credit union's financial status and results. At Cindrich, Mahalak & Co., our team of professionals are highly skilled and tactically trained in this process. However, we don't just do things by the book. We furnish you with comments and recommendations in a management letter using both our technical and philosophical understanding of the credit union industry to identify weak spots and assist in correcting them. We listen to the goals our clients establish and then work toward their realization, all the while ensuring the internal controls of the credit union are methodically sound and efficiently working. We've done this since 1971. It's what we do every day, and its what we do the best.

Better See a Specialist
Credit unions are our business. Period. We enjoy what we do and we appreciate our clients. Since 1971, we've been performing audits of credit unions, essentially eliminating any present day learning curve. The minute we arrive at a job, we're productive, Of course, we'll need a quick briefing on the details of your specific credit union, but after that, we're ready to roll up our sleeves. As for you, feel free to do your own job... we can handle ours. In essence, we know credit unions. A targeted focus is what's kept us around so long, and this same focus will keep you around as well.

In Conclusion
We're credit union people. Some of our staff come from your ranks. All of our staff is committed to you. Although we specialize in auditing credit unions, we really do more than that. At Cindrich, Mahalak & Co. we believe in forming a virtual partnership with our clients, acting as both an auditing firm and management consultant. The better we help you overcome the inherent weaknesses of your business, the easier our job becomes and the more time we can spend getting down to the basics.

At Cindrich, Mahalak & Co., hard work produces real results.