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Credit Unions


Credit Unions Are Our Business

In 1971, we started as a credit union auditing firm, and today, we remain a credit union specific firm. As the second largest credit union auditing firm in the United States, we are able to give our clients the integrity they deserve and the efficiency they demand.

Credit unions are our business. We are truly committed to your well-being. Whether on the road or on the phone, from support staff to the principals of the firm, we are always available. By keeping lines of communication open, we can serve you as not only an auditing and consulting firm, but more importantly, an all-inclusive, knowledgeable resource.

We know credit unions. We enjoy what we do and appreciate our clients. A targeted focus is what's kept us around for so long. This same focus will help in your success.

In a generally stoic industry, we believe in adaptation. We understand and obey the norms of yesteryear while continuously incorporating the technological advances of today. We use whatever tools are available, both new and old, to meet your needs. It is our goal to meet your needs to the best of our ability. That drives us toward creating and maintaining a strategic partnership. We are your partner in success.

In our minds, no two credit unions are alike. Our clients range from very small to very large and provide unique challenges. Our objective is to assist them all, by remaining innovative, intuitive, and informed. We have successfully nurtured long-term relationships with each one of our clients.