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Internal Audit Services

Over the course of 30+ years of service at Cindrich, Mahalak & Co, we have established ourselves as an indispensable resource for our clients when it comes to internal audit services.

Not only does third-party review add to the overall efficiency of your operation, it’s also cost effective, especially if you consider the alternative.  Whether you’re looking to develop an internal audit program, assure compliance with the multitude of regulations, continue an ongoing program, of gain an independent look at your internal audit program, we can help you accomplish these objectives.  We are committed to accommodating your needs-on time and within budget.


  • Risk Assessment
  • Audit program design
  • Experience and expertise
  • Exposure to current issues
  • Independent reporting

Internal Audit Review Activities

  • Review all policies looking for risk and develop testing steps for compliance.
  • Review procedures associated with policies and develop testing steps for compliance.
  • Conduct comprehensive task review of CU activities looking for efficiencies and redundancies.  Expand to branch operations if appropriate.
  • Review physical security including opening and closing procedures.
  • Develop schedules and monitor progress for improvements of weaknesses noted in external audit regulatory exams.
  • Monitor progress made on strategic planning objectives.
  • Complete review of activity in employee, official family and related party accounts.
  • Conduct random cash counts.
  • Review new member processing for OFAC compliance.
  • Review HR issues such as payroll processing and time reporting, required recordkeeping, evaluation processing and scheduling, and code of conduct and conflict of interest disclosures.
  • Review expenses and related controls.
  • Review activity on corporate credit cards.
  • Review controls over wire transfers.
  • Review ATM operations and balancing.
  • Review controls and procedures over cash dispensing machines.
  • Review critical file maintenance activity.
  • Review procedures over negative shares.
  • Review controls over dormant accounts.
  • Review loan documentation and policy and regulatory compliance.

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