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Accurate and timely Financial Statements are critical to understanding a business. They are important to the business owner, management, and third parties . such as lenders and others extending credit to the business. A compilation of Financial Statements prepared by a Certified Public Accounting firm lends creditability to the business and the information compiled. We can assist your business in compiling Financial Statements based on the information you provide us monthly, quarterly, or yearly. These Financial Statements should also provide a basis for reporting business activities in the business and/or personal tax return. Compilation services run from full disclosure to limited disclosure. Each compilation is tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Financial Statement Review

Some businesses or third parties extending credit to the business require a periodic review of Financial Statements. A review provides a cursory overview of the Financial Statements. Review is completed when some assurance is necessary, but not to the level of an audit. We can provide review services of your Financial Statements whenever needed.


An audit is an in depth examination of Financial Statements to determine whether the Financial Statements are without material defect and prepared in compliance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. As a Certified Public Accounting firm, we are able to complete these audits and can render an opinion regarding the presentation of the statements. We approach each audit with independence in appearance and mental attitude. An audit is required by some lenders, those extending credit to the business, or regulatory agencies. In addition to rendering an opinion regarding the Financial Statements being audited, our audit program is designed to note areas where improvements can be made. We will make these recommendations and observations as part of our audit report.

Tax Services

We provide a full range of tax preparation services, including business and personal returns, on a federal, state, and local basis. We complete filings on behalf of both profit and non profit organizations. Our staff has extensive experience in tax consulting and preparation, staying abreast with current tax laws. Our computerized tax system helps us prepare accurate and timely returns, taking advantage of all tax law provisions available to you.

Loan Request

Cash flow is the life line for most businesses. Business owners and management need to be certain that the business has adequate funds to maintain operations and, in some cases, grow the business when opportunities present themselves. Our extensive experience working with financial institutions makes us ideal in assisting management in developing loan requests, including lines of credit, term loans, real estate loans, and other venture capital purposes. Knowing what the lender is looking for and how to present the information are key to securing this needed funding.

Budgeting and Forecasting

The Financial Statements help the business understand what it has done and where it stands today. The smart business owner or manager needs to anticipate the future as well. We can assist your business in developing short term budgets and long term forecasts as guideposts in determining whether your business is meeting anticipated results. Measuring future results against expectations helps an organization to make changes to realize greater success and/or minimize unanticipated weaknesses.

Information Technology

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent upon Information Technology. Security of that information is critical to your organization.s future success. We can assist your business in developing its Information Technology security plan and provide ongoing review. Changes in this environment constantly occur requiring ongoing development and monitoring.


At times, business owners or management need to discuss business questions. In addition to being accountants, we are business people ourselves. We understand challenges in the area of finance, human resources, technology, and other aspects of business. We are as close as a telephone or are available for a meeting with you to offer counsel on these or other matters which affect your operation.